Desillusion Magazine’s home page is looking pretty cool right now with this photo from the “In Search of Dean Petty” story I shot in Nova Scotia last winter….

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Super Psyched to wake up this morning and see my first short film

"In Search of Dean Petty" - Shot for Desillusion Magazine thedeathofcool

Captured entirely on Kodak Super 8mm film

Check it out here:

Full photo essay titled “Give me Ten Years” in the new Desillusion Tome 2 photo book.

Huge thanks to szanella and Billabong for the support on this one!



Anonymous inquired do you have an Instagram?

yeah @kealanshilling


Anonymous inquired I see you've gone to a show at Baby's All Right, im going to one there next month and I was wondering if people smoked weed in the venue?

uh, I think a few people might have been but it was pretty low key…  get sneaky and sure you could make it happen…

Ty Segall drumming w/ Fuzz on stage at Great Scott in Boston 2013 © kealanshilling


Charlie Moonheart on stage w/ Fuzz at Great Scott in Boston © kealanshilling 2013


Just came across the first visual of the story I photographed this past winter on Dean Petty and his place in Nova Scotia for Desillusion Mag Tome 2 thedeathofcool. So stoked to get a copy of this in my hands…


Two more featured as wall paper wednesday downloads on Eric Messier - Mt. Bachelor OR 2012 © kealanshilling


Eric Messier - Testing new board shapes for Spring Break Snowboards on a Cat trip in the Oregon Backcountry 2012 © kealanshilling

Hi-res download here:

Transworld Snowboarding just posted a few unseen #35mm images from my Mt. Bachelor @springbreaksnowboarding story as #wallpaperwednesday downloads.. Go to to escape the summer heat, and make your computer not so boring… @twsnow @coreysmithsimulacrum @rubyrice @messymessi #dreamsofwhitewaves #springbreaksnowboarding #mtbachelor #powder #handmadesnowboards #shootfilm #snowboarding

A signed copy of a period of juvenile prosperity showed up at my door this morning reading “Sup Kealan!”  - Thanks Mike Brodie! keep doin’ what you do man!  - wherever you are!! So glad you’re not the type to be on Instagram… Big thanks to the peeps M + B Gallery for making this happen! If you know me and you know this kids work, then you know what this means to me…


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Tears from the new 16 page “SEASIDE RUNAWAY” fashion story I shot for the latest issue of lamonomag. Loosely based on memories of being a little punk, cutting my own hair and riding my BMX bike around town shooting off fireworks and jumping cliffs.

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and check out the full mag online here:




Ben Bilodeau - abandoned packard plant factory, Detroit MI © kealanshilling


Tire Swing - Detroit © kealanshilling


Scanning some negs in an attempt to un-barry some photos from a few great shows I’ve been to in the last year… Below: THE ORWELLS / HECTORS PETS / DUM DUM GIRLS / BLOUSE / THE MONSIEURS

More to come soon!!